G-Tech Turns the Fiat 500 into a Chop-Top Baby Blue Sportster

Germany's G-Tech tuning took the standard, mostly boring Fiat 500 and turned it into something worth drooling over.

First and foremost, they made it less bumpy. Chopping up the roof and shrinking it down some, the Fiat 500 Sportster now looks worthy of the sporty description. The baby blue paint job also makes it easier on the eyes.

Leaving the looks aside, it goes without saying that in order to make any Fiat 500 truly "sporty" you will have to add some extra ponies.

Under the hood, the standard 1.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine has received a complete overhaul. As the buyer decides, the choice of either 335bhp or 221bhp is available on tap – though we don't get any specific details on the modifications made.

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