Spy Shots: Think You Can Help us Identify this Mystery Sedan Model?

One of our associates stumbled upon a group of identical looking prototype sedans at the German Port of Hamburg on the river Elbe, and was able to snap several pictures of the parked cars.

The problem is that neither our spy photographer nor we were able to pinpoint with certainty the brand, let alone, the model of the car seen here.

Maybe it was because we ended up concentrating our thoughts on Chinese nameplates from BAIC to SAIC and everything in between, and missed out on a detail that could lead to an answer.

All test cars were dressed in a chequered-theme wrap with no evident logos and featured unfinished headlamps and fake taillights. We'd say that said model is a probably a C-segment saloon - think Skoda Octavia or Chevrolet Cruze, though we could be wrong.

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