Scoop: All-New 2014 Subaru Forester Busted Out in the Open!

While Subaru put up a shadowy teaser of the next iteration of the Forester on its Japanese website, and not too long after we shared scans from the car's Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) brochure, the first real-life images of the compact crossover hit the net.

It’s not hard to see that Subaru didn't want to alienate buyers of one of its most popular global models when it came to design, as the new Forester looks like a more modern, or evolutionary, if you prefer, interpretation of the current model.

Besides the more forceful face incorporating Subaru's latest grille design, the high-riding, station wagon gains some new styling cues, the most notable of which concern the more prominent wheel arches and heavily sculpted door sills, the addition of a small quarter window up front and new door mounted mirrors.

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Toyota Tundra Pick-Up Tows Endeavour Space Shuttle to the California Science Center

Its official designation was the OV-105, but the world came to know it as the Endeavour Space Shuttle. It was built from spare parts to replace the Challenger, which tragically disintegrated a mere 73 minutes after launch from the Kennedy Space Center on January 28, 1986.

Along with the Discovery and Atlantis, which took part in the STS (Space Transportation system) missions, and the Enterprise that was used for initial testing, the Endeavour is (after a second tragedy struck in 2003 when Columbia exploded on re-entry) what remains of the U.S. Space Shuttle program, which was terminated last year after three decades and 135 missions.

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Spy Shots: Next Generation of BMW's Twin-Turbo X5 M SUV

Only a day after we showed you a video of BMW's "super" SUV doing the rounds on the Nürburgring, our man with the photographic lens caught another prototype affording us a motionless view of the next X5 M.

But how do we know for sure that this is indeed the "M" model and not one of the lower powered versions of the F15 (that's BMW's internal code for the next X5)?

Well, the large alloy wheels draped in extra beefy low profile tires, along with the huge brake discs and mainly, the twin tailpipes on both corners of the rear diffuser, are all typical traits of BMW's M series of models.

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Here's Why You Shouldn’t Give a Truck Driver the Finger…

We've already shown you the painful consequences of flipping off a Russian driving instructor, so how about we see what happens when you perform the same gesture to a truck driver in the world's largest country that covers more than an eighth of the Earth's inhabited land area?

The incident begins with an obnoxious driver of an older Audi A6 sedan illegally and dangerously overtaking a truck and then being a -insert whatever word works for you here- constantly slamming on the brakes.

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LFA Turned Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness; Lexus Asks if You Like the Color

True, we have seen sports and luxury cars go pink before, sometimes for noble purposes and other times for vanity, but a limited run supercar in this flushing shade is bound to capture our attention, which is what its inventors intended in the first place. Read more »

Top Gear Promotes New Limited Edition Lego Stig Keyring with Stop-Motion Ad

Some say Top Gear is the coolest TV show on planet Earth bar none and the best thing to happen to humanity since sliced bread.

Some also say that JC (Jeremy Clarkson's initials) is an overrated, grossly overpaid and obnoxious bloke who has insulted almost every ethnicity and minority one can think of, and then some, but in spite of all this, he has made a fortune out of being… well, obnoxious (and, obviously, very smart).

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Mopar to Trick Out New 2013 SRT Viper and Wrangler Hemi V8 4x4 for SEMA

The performance crew over at Mopar may have revealed a selection of customized cars such as the V10-powered Dodge Charger Juiced, the Fiat 500 Beach Cruiser and the Urban Ram concepts in the flesh and in advance of the SEMA Show on October 30, but the Chrysler Group's tuning arm is keeping several more projects under wraps.

Among the dozen or so SEMA show-bound Chrysler cars that have no yet been unveiled in the flesh are the "Moparized" 2013 SRT Viper and the Jeep Wrangler Sand Trooper, both of which were teased through renderings.

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